Project Positive Professional Image

Target  Group :  Hoteliers, Food & Beverage Service Crew , Customer Service Representatives, Call Centre Officers, Retail staff and all Customer-facing Staff

This programme will provide learners with the knowledge and skills in projecting a positive and professional image and apply them to their workplace.

Project Positive Professional Image

Module/ Performance Statement 1: Recognise the impact of one’s professional image and persona on the organisation 

1.1  First impression

1.2  Professional image

1.3  Persona

1.4  Impact of one’s professional image and persona on self and the organization

Module/Performance Statement 2: Project a professional image and persona in accordance with organisational guidelines

2.1       Project a positive and professional image

2.2  Organisational vision, mission and values

2.3  Organisational guidelines

Module/ Performance Statement 3: Demonstrate effective communication skills when interacting with customers at the workplace

3.1       Types of customer

3.2       Communication

3.3       Principles of effective communication

3.4       Barriers to effective communication

3.5       Effective communication skills

3.6       Organisational standards