English for hospitality communication

This course is designed for those who would like to learn basic English communication and writing skills for use in hotels and other related industries.

Most of the lessons are function based and contain common expressions for various functions that are likely to be encountered in the hotel and other related industries.

English for hospitality communication

Sample dialogues are also included that learners may use as models. In addition, the lessons include role play activities so learners can practice using the language in situations they are likely to encounter when on the job.

Interactive educational games, discussion topics, and other activities and exercises are included to provide the learners with more opportunities to practice and use the language in the context of specific module topics.

The modules in this course are general in nature, and can be applied to several jobs related to the hotel industry. As such, the vocabulary, dialogues, role play situations, and other activities and exercises may need to be adapted for a specific job/industry.

Many of the modules also contain more focused dialogues and exercises that may be applied to jobs related to the hotel and other related industries.

The dialogues, role play situation, activities and exercises in these modules provide greater relevance to specific jobs and are more pertinent to individual jobs found in hotels and other related industries.

Thus, the course has a greater impact on the learner’s ability to master the language that he or she may use on a daily basis.

Activities in class may include:

  • Vocabulary
  • Speaking/reading activities
  • Writing activities
  • Interactive educational games
  • Singing and Interpreting the message of the song
  • Paired activities
  • Role-play activities
Module 1Greeting and Receiving Guests
Module 2Dealing with Guests Requests
Module 3Asking for Permission
Module 4Problems and Complaints
Module 5Making Comparisons
Module 6Giving and Receiving Compliments
Module 7Offering Help and Advice
Module 8Asking For and Giving Opinions
Module 9Giving Instructions
Module 10Asking for Repeats
Module 11Describing Hotel Facilities
Module 12Days and Time
Module 13Describing Functions and Purposes
Module 14Giving Directions
Module 15Using the Telephone
Module 16Bill Settlement