Food Services Consultancy

XVMC provides a full range of food & beverage consultancy services. In concept development, we conduct thorough reviews of our client’s ideas against the market environment, while establishing practical directions in design and operations.
We offer advice in terms of menu reviews, plating presentation, sensory acceptability, ingredient selection and portion sizing for optimal operations and returns. We assist in the design and the planning of the project facilities in cooperation with the appointed designers, consultants and other specialists to provide advice and specifications in the following areas:

Concept Development

  • Project study and development of dining concepts
  • Food and beverage menu refinement
  • OS&E selection and procurement assistance
  • Pre & post-opening assistance

Consultancy Services

  • Operational assessment & review
  • Food menu concept refinement
  • Beverage & wine concept refinement
  • Manning guide refinement
  • Food & Service Audits & Analysis
  • Innovative food & beverage ideas and creative concept

Kitchen Design

  • Assist in site assessment & project studies
  • Assist in space planning & workflows